Why men change out of the blue?

March 25, 2013

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Why men change out of the blue?Relationships can be very complicated, especially between a man and a woman. Love in the beginning is sweet as honey, and full of passion. There is nothing better in the world than a new love relationship, the sun is shining and the birds and bees are singing, love is in the air. They both have stars in their eyes, as their looking into each others eyes. Hes everything you want in a man, hes good looking and has a great body. What can go wrong, how can it ever change. Then after several months, reality hits and love is no longer his top priority. Hes been avoiding you and hes not accepting you calls anymore.

Women everywhere are confused and say why doesn’t he want to spend time with me, or why doesn’t he love me anymore. Well ladies that’s the million dollar question that I am about to answer as best as I can. Men are very complex creatures, they don’t exactly live by their emotions, but by what they see happening in the relationship. What I mean is, what she sees wrong in the relationship, he doesn’t see at all. And then other men may like the thrill of a new relationship, and then when every thing starts to fill like work, they don’t seem interested anymore.

It also could be the way he was raise as a child, not that I am blaming his parents. But if he grew up with parents that had a very bad relationship, it may have made him fear an intimate relationship with a women. Click here for more relationship tips.