The changes that Panda and Penguin made to the SEO

January 22, 2013

Computers & Internet

pengiunA few years ago, optimizing your website to get to the top of a Google search results page was almost as easy as updating your website frequently, repeating certain keywords over and over again, and submitting your site to link networks to get as many backlinks as you possibly could. However, since Google has stated that their goal is to be a knowledge engine (A.K.A almost human), they have taken some measures to prevent those types of websites from being rewarded with top search engine rankings. Those measures come in the form of Google Panda and Penguin and this is how the SEO game changed.

Panda and Penguin 101

Panda and Penguin represent Google’s ever changing indexing and ranking algorithms, and they are the sources of many headaches for webmasters. Google has stated that their goal has always been to reward high quality web sites with high search result rankings, it is just that they are now finally starting to be able to enforce their own rules. With Panda and Penguin, Google is attempting to ensure that websites are of unique, relevant, high quality content.

The last year brought some of the largest changes to the way that Google ranks websites. They have stopped rewarding websites that have keyword spamming, poorly written content, high bounce rates, underhanded redirects and use link farms for backlinking. Instead, they are rewaarding sites that have high quality, well written content that is promoted through social media.

Say goodbye to keyword stuffing

As mentioned, keyword stuffing from several years ago is now a way to see your website’s search engine ranking drop. In addition to posting hundreds of keywords in small text at the bottom of web pages, people have also used forms, drop down menus and the “hidden” tag to hide keywords from visitors while still having them show up for search engines. With the latest Google updates, these methods not only don’t work, they can count against a website. While using keyword content is still a good search engine optimization method, keywords need to be used naturally and sparingly and not over optimized. Read more about Panda and Penguin’s impact on SEO.