How Blogbal Enhanced My Blog To A New Level

January 1, 2013

Computers & Internet

blogbal_blog_directoryI had gotten into the blogging world at first just as a way to express my opinion on things to anyone in the world who might be interested. However, over time I felt that it would be a good idea to try and make some money off of my efforts. My blogs were drawing a small amount of traffic from the quality of the content alone, but I felt that I could attract a larger degree of traffic if I simply put some effort into marketing my blog.
Marketing my blog was difficult for a large variety of reasons. The main reason I had difficulty at first was the fact that I didn’t know exactly which methods of blog promotion worked the best. Since I didn’t know which methods worked the best, I wasn’t exactly sure which methods I should choose. I decided to dip my toe in the waters by using various methods. I contacted other blogs to get them to list me as an affiliate, paid to have my blog advertised and submitted my blog to various blog directories. One of these blog directories happened to be called
Upon submitting my blog to the blogbal directory, I was surprised to discover that blogbal seemed to be organized a little different than other directories. It had each blog categorized into a certain category such as food that people would tend to search on google.
I was surprised to receive an email from a prospective client the very next day that was impressed with my blog. While more traffic did come in the future, the immediate exposure through the blog directory helped me net a variety of clients that now make up a large portion of my income from writing. Any blogger that is serious about their writing craft should consider submitting their blog to blogbal.