A Wonderful Travel Website About Maldives

September 20, 2012

Computers & Internet

maldivesIf you are looking for an informative, well organized website about traveling to Maldives and the diving to be done there then www.maldivesdivetravel.com is the website you have been searching for.

This website is well put together and covers a lot of information you are looking for, giving you guidance in several different areas. It is organized into different categories to help you go directly to the portion of information you are searching for. There are tabs for liveaboard diving, guest houses, dive cruise information, frequently asked questions, a blog about Maldives and a tab for how to contact them for more information.

In the liveaboard diving tab you are given information on different ships you can choose from for your diving expedition. Each choice of ships is detailed with information about the basic ship, photos of the ship, the food offered while abroad, the services available to you and the rates and prices. It is a wealth of information that puts it all in one place for easy access.

The guest house tab is set up in a very similar fashion as the liveaboard diving tab. Each guest house you might choose to stay in while on land is detailed carefully, giving you exact information on each choice.

The dive cruise info tab is set up in more of an essay form for reading but is not short on information, either. An overview of what a day on a dive cruise consists of is included as is information about diving and other activities you can choose from while on board.

The frequently asked questions tab covers a bit of everything. The website is very good at anticipating what you are wondering about and providing answers to help you with those questions.

The Maldives blog is both informational and entertaining. Click here for more Maldives info.